RE: Blowdry or sleep with hair wet?


I have really thick long hair. My hair takes 5 hours to naturally dry. I try to shower earlier but with life sometimes I just can’t, Or I can’t wait till 3am to sleep. When I sleep with my hair wet I wake up with bad hair. But blowdrying also damages hair. Would it be better for my hair to blowdry it or sleep with it wet? If I give about 3 hours for it to dry and it is damp should I blowdry or sleep wet?

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Blow dry it. Don’t go to sleep with wet hair. Especially if you sleep with the A/C on. You can get sick. I let my hair dry naturally for about 4 hours until its damp, then run the dryer at low speed and dry it. I have very long hair.

Gold Answered on May 14, 2018.
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