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Is there anywhere I can type in the VIN and see if it’s been scrapped, registered to someone else, etc? I really miss it and I’m curious where it is now. I don’t care about any names/addresses, or who actually has it. Is that possible? I’m in the US.

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No you can’t. When you signed the title over to someone else, you gave up any and all rights of tracking that vehicle.

Yes, yes I know you miss your old vehicle, and I totally get it. I signed off my 1992 Nissan Barnburner (that’s my name for it, officially it’s just a long box pickup) 20 years ago, and I still miss that truck. That truck and I went through hell and back together and then some. She protected me through a tornado between Chatham and Windsor, I protected her from a would-be thief in Toronto, and we logged thousands of km’s together. But last time I looked, she was a motorized wheelbarrow on a farm somewhere and I was driving 3 kids around in a luxury SUV.

You can’t find out who now owns your old vehicle, not anymore than I (or anyone else) can look up your confidential driving record. And be glad for that.

Star Answered on May 15, 2018.
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