RE: Can insurance pay lien holder without my approval in case of total loss?

I had purchased a motorcycle in California on which there was a theft attempt, the thieves vandalised the motorcycle to such an extent that insurance company declared it as a total loss.

swathi Gold Asked on January 29, 2021 in Business & Finance.
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They can try, but I would keep fighting them on it. I would call the state insurance commission and complain about this. I would also call the lien holder and tell them not to accept any money from the insurance company. You may want to drag them to small claims court. It is a big pain for them and cost you nearly nothing. I believe CA allows up to $10,000 in small claims.

I’m assuming you have some disagreement over value of the bike with them and they are trying to low ball you.

Star Answered on January 29, 2021.
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