RE: How do i apply under graduate student loan?

im going to my second year of college, i compleated the federal loan and FASFA and stuff

but i still need more money. last time i got a loan from PNC Bank. do i have to apply for a new loan, or do i have to add to my loan last year.

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The federal government will only allow you a certain amount of money per school year. It looks like you are saying you would like another loan above and beyond that, which would be a private loan. If you manage your PNC loan online, you may be able to log in and request a new one for the amount necessary. Or, call them to see if you can do that. If you would like to look around at other banks, (which I would suggest) you should be checking for the lowest APR rate you can possibly find. The smaller the APR, the less interest you accrue on your loans while you are in school and paying the loans back in the future. I would check CitiBank ( Sallie Mae ( and Chase Bank ( to see what kind of APR they can offer you. FINALLY, it is common for APR rates to be lower when you apply for a student loan with a co-signer (generally a parent) rather than just yourself, alone – So that may be something to look into as well!

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