RE: Is buying old electronics worth it?


there are two reasons I want to buy old electronics. 1. I’ve got two vhs’s I want to see and they’re to a series that will never be released again.. the. vhs release was the only one ever…. and…. 2…. I would love to get into retro gaming. the thing is, is buying old electronics worth it.

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The trick to this is that…

Some old electronics are worth buying and others aren’t.

The reason (which you seem to have) and the condition of the item(s) to be bought
affect the real value of any used equipment.

If it works right and reliably, that’s very different from being in “not working but repairable” condition.
Repairs can be costly — in some cases two or three times what the item will be worth once it has been made functional.

If it’s any worse than that, you should buy it only if you know you can use it as a source of parts for other units,
which means you are already capable of doing repairs on that type of thing.

Gold Answered on May 16, 2018.
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