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According to what I have read, all a buyer has to do is make a claim against a seller, and whether it is true or not, E-Bay will rule in favor of the buyer, and the seller will not receive his goods back or his money. Is this true? If it is, why would anyone sell anything on E-Bay? It is no different than throwing the stuff in the trash.

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eBay has changed their policy many times over the years. It went from good to bad to worse. I’m not sure of their current policy and it has been several months since I last listed items for sale on eBay. What I can say is that if a seller is scamming someone, that seller is not going to get away with it. In those cases, when I have reported the sellers, I have been refunded and I have not needed to return the items. In the case of an honest seller, I’m not sure what is currently required.

Star Answered on May 14, 2018.
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