RE: Is there a way for me to get cheap auto insurance?

I am 16 years old and from minnesota. I don’t have a car yet but I want to get one from around $3000-$4000. I have to go with State Farm because my parents have it. I am a safe driver and I get good grades. Is there a way to get cheap auto insurance through state farm through any special deals? Thanks

alex Silver Asked on December 7, 2019 in Business & Finance.
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It’s probably gonna be more expensive if you get it by yourself and not under the same policy as your mom. Insurance companies do look at credit reports, and being 17 you probably don’t have much credit, if any, so doing it yourself is gonna be more expensive because you do not have a credit history. Most parents just add their kids to the insurance when its time for them to drive. There’s no real risk in doing that, your insured, your covered, your just as liable with your name on your moms insurance as you are by yourself.

As far as rates go though, I’m a guy and when i started driving at 17 insurance was costing me about $180 a month added to my parents policy. A girl is probably gonna be a little less, but also take into account that it includes many factors, from the kind of car you drive, to the coverage you need.

Star Answered on December 7, 2019.
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