RE: Life insurance quotes make me save money?

  • Life insurance quotes make me save money?
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Life insurances are usually difficult to compare solely base on price. However, even though I am a life agent, I suggest you to talk to more than one life agents before you make a decision. Even though comparing price only is going to be difficult because different companies offer very different product combinations and services, talking with agents will increase your knowledge to make educated decision. I will not bad mouth financial advisers like other people, but financial advisers will charge you fees for the advices. The fee is going to be an addition to the commission that a life agent is getting. This is because life insurance can only purchase through life agent. Financial advisers cannot sell you a life insurance without a life agent. Moreover, I cannot speak for all the life agents, but life agents from New York Life were fully trained by New York Life before they serve you. Please feel free to contact me or any life agents for more information

Gold Answered on July 10, 2018.
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