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  • Rental Property has asbestos?,I recently found out (2 days ago) that parts of my home contain asbestos (mainly the siding which has all sorts of cracks and chips and broken pieces), my landlord did not inform me of this ( have been living here for almost a year and they have owned the property since it was built) and I have a 9 month old daughter. I cannot afford to find a new place to live. What are my options or rights as a tenant?
vishwa Gold Asked on August 15, 2018 in Business & Finance.
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Well that would be your last resort. Notify your landlord. Have a Professional inspect the place, depending on the what they have to say you and I’d landlord can come up with a resolution. If he/she doesn’t want to comply, then you should move out ask for a refund, and first month for For your relocation, If not ask him/her to compensate your temporary stay at any other area where you are free of harm until home is okay to live in. I still suggest you seek and talk to an attorney.

Star Answered on August 15, 2018.
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