RE: What are some good Web Hosting websites?

If you’re looking for a home for your website, consider the 10 services on this list. Our testing shows that these are the best web hosting services for everyone from casual bloggers to massive corporations.

jeevitha Silver Asked on October 16, 2019 in Computers & Internet.
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Well there is Hostgator , google host , Yahoo host , Dream host , Network solutions , Justone host , Godaddy host , blue host and Lots more but the Most Recommended one is Network Juice Hosting ;

I think They now offer plans starting around $0.99/mo for a great amount of diskspace plus everything else unlimited. Plus they’ve manage to keep up 99% Uptime.

They have all features such as PHP5, java ,Cpanel , Fantastico ( allows you to auto install Blogging systems and CMS portals without wasting time) , Cron Job , Apache ,Unlimited Dadabase , ftp accounts and much more. Basically EVERYTHING! is supported. Also it comes with something called RVS site builder. You can use it when you want too. It Helps you build websites using only 2 skills : point and click. Lol , or you can upload your own files , scripts and ect. How ever you want to run or build your site.

There are other affordable and great plans as well , in I hope this company never change to tell you the truth bro. is also a great host , but there Uptime time is not so good. Also , customer service is very poor , Not to many features are supported. not so sure , But i know there’s lots of files they do not support , no Cpanel , and i don’t know how come , but they have been receiving downtimes lately in their host servers.

Yahoo , let me just say it’s the worst web host ever ,you can’t even host the amount of domains you want to host . Including The downtime is way to much , and many files are un-compatible in fatcow for some reason.

Network Solutions , Is by far the MOST THEFT out of all web host in the world wide web. They tend to theft your domain registered on their registrar and your files , also they do not give you the full Web Disk Space you have ordered. Also THEY ARE WAY TOO Over priced for the non-quality hosting they offer. , is all the way in the Uk or england something like that. I’m a web programmer and I used to have clients using this webhosting company. Like 2 of them were using it. They told me they didn’t like it at all , and I think i’ll say the same thing. You’ll only get one database per order. So this allows your mysql database corrupt due to too many different tables belonging to different sites of yours are in one Database. Also , do not not offer you an Online Web panel such as Cpanel , Direct Admin or etc. Only your FTP. Yeah Tuff.

To buy a domain , the most recommended site is godaddy , but not for it’s hosting!! I Tell you !!!.

For a Great Affordable web host with maximum features and quality , the most recommended web host is . ; Network Juice Hosting.

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