RE: What are the steps for doing Email marketing?

What are the steps for email marking?

Can anyone give me an example

alex Silver Asked on March 14, 2021 in Business & Finance.
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Email marketing is just that. Marketing but using the email as the tool so send and display your campaign. A number of things should be taken into consideration when you decide to use/or do email .

1- You should write good ad copies for you campaigns and follow-up messages. If you are not a very talented writer. You should consider hiring a freelancer writer to do it. Basically the ad copy is responsible for 80% of the campaign’s success. BTW; The subject line should be appealing and eye catching to make the reader open your email.

2- To be successful in mail marketing you must have a reliable autoresponder and follow up system. So, it does not just turns to be a one shot deal. For that I suggest that you get an autoresponder. There are many software for this or you can join any of the free or paid autoresponders online.

You will need to write a number of newsletters and ads to set up your autoresponder so it can continue following up on you subscribers. Try to ad value and information to the messages, not just blunt ads

3- Create a opting form for prospect to subscribe. This is the right way to do it. By having them subscribe voluntarily to your list, you will avoid lots of problems.

4- NEVER SPAM! This is a very serious matter you should keep in mind. There are different ways and tools to send out your campaigns. But always follow ALL the can spam act rules and guidelines.

5- Sending tools and services – Your mission is to make a 1 shot ethical and professional approach with new prospects to have them join your subscribers list. But again; Always within the rules and the law. You can join free mail groups or safelists or buy solo ads in different sources on the web. These services are SPAM free because the subscriber join (opted-in) freely and/or are part of a mailing exchange. The last resort is to have you own sending software. But this can be a pain in the neck if you are not sure what you are doing as there is a fine line to step into the SPAM zone. LOL!

I suggest that you research more on this topic and review the CAN SPAM guidelines and laws.

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