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I have been using Fram Filters since I have been driving. However, reading online, I am constantly reminded that Fram Filters are bad. Is it just because people don’t service their cars and blame Fram for their poor maintenance of their vehicles?

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Their standard filters use paper media that will collapse under high flow, this is why they cause problems with the new VVT and fuel on demand valve controlled systems that use a high flow oil pump. Simply stated, they make better filters with synthetic filter media that employ a metal screen stiffener over the filter media to prevent collapse. There are a slew of videos doing oil filter cutaways demonstrating the paper media filters that have collapsed internally, search it up. I use AC-Delco or the NAPA gold by WIX.

The second issue is how long the filter will last, the paper filters are only good for ~ 3K oil change intervals, so you need the better filter if you plan on using synthetic oil and doing 5K+ oil changes. The better filters are only $10, about the same as 1 quart of Moble 1 oil. Why pay $10 for a quart of oil and give it a crap filter to go through? In that case, one would be better off using the standard oil and changing it regularly at the 3K mile quick lube service.

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