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So, I have an Apple ID but I do not have a credit card. Recently, I’ve been using a prepaid non-reloadable VISA gift card for the Apple ID (it had like 99 cents on it, but I only used it so it would allow me to get apps that were free) Then, I used all the $0.99 on it and it now has 0 dollars. Now, my Apple account says the card is invalid and it won’t let me get any apps including free ones before I update my credit card settings. Problem is I don’t have a credit card. Does anyone know a way around this?


the problem appeared as you have zero in your account. There always should be some money available in order to be able to install apps. They are checking i somehow.

I also had a problem. Once I introduced my first card and used it for a while. But one day I had zero money there and I went to the settings by mistake and changed some thing there. So, my card data was all deleted and I needed to re-enter them. However, as I had zero on the account, they did not let me. So, I had to put data for my other credit card which had some money on.

So, I think that in your case you can only try to get some other gift-certificate to be able to use the account.

Or maybe it is possible to try to create an account anew, so you will have the same situation as at the beginning, before you started using VISA gift card.

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