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Credit cards are an open loan from someone so you can buy things with your line of credit. You have to pay them back, with interest since they are fronting the money.

You should be at least 18 to get one. And get only ONE. Good credit is the way to buy the car you need, house you’ll want in the future, etc. The way to get good credit is to take the ONE credit card, buy something (start small – about $100) and pay off the credit card over 2-3 months.

(You’ll pay a little interest, but it proves you can pay things off over time.) Then, don’t buy anything for 6 months…. and then do it all over again. Buy a small item, pay it over a few months.. PAY it off and then put the credit card in your drawer, sealed in an envelope.

You’ll have good credit it no time – AND you won’t bury yourself in debt!

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