Considering leaving Allstate Auto insurance, anyone have a suggestion?


Considering leaving Allstate Auto insurance, anyone have a suggestion?,It seems that Allstate is a bit expensive, of course I know it’s based on what type of car and such. I wanted to know if anyone has better experience with perhaps State Farm, Progressive, etc…?

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    Allstate, but switched to Progressive when I received a lower insurance premium quote. The thing I like most about these two services is that they’re available whenever — you can call them in the middle of the night even. eSurance (e-surance, something like that — I used them for 6 months until they jacked my premium up) was the same way — they were available anytime, and I could pay my auto insurance online. Which, for me — that was big.

    We currently have State Farm right now — the full-coverage premiums + renter’s insurance is cheaper than we were paying with Progressive for the car insurance alone. However, I’ve never been able to pay online with State Farm, but the savings is worth it for right now.

    Don’t quit your policy yet, though. Shop around — you should check out an insurance broker, or an agent or website that’ll check your information against a number of providers at the same time. Sites like do this, but there are multi-agency insurance agents in bigger cities who do the same thing, albeit less quickly.

    Personally, I liked Allstate and Progressive. They were always good to me, so I wouldn’t drop any of them for a no-name agency.

    If you can add insurance for something else — home, renters, second vehicle, etc — you may actually lower your overall insurance premium. That’s why ours is cheaper with State Farm — adding renter’s insurance saved us about $20 / month off the car insurance rate alone.

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