Do any of you have an American Express card?

I was thinking of applying for one?

Do you have to pay it off every month?

What’s the average APR?

Are the benefits better than Visa/Mastercard?

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    American Express cards are pretty nice. There are several cards that American Express offers with no annual fee. You don’t have to pay it off every month, but its obviously advised to do so. The introductory APR is pretty good, around the 7% range for the first year; after that though it probably goes up to the mid twenties.

    The two biggest benefits for me with the American Express card is that 1) I am able to get more cash back on my purchases opposed to my Visa card and 2) American Express is great when it comes to any charges that you want to dispute. The downside with American Express is that there are still businesses that don’t accept them due to the cost of the transaction fee, so you still would need to carry cash with you or another card credit card in case you aren’t able to use it.

    Star Answered on June 3, 2020.
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