Do you have to get boat insurance for your personal boat?


I’m pretty certain you dont HAVE to get boat insurance like you do auto insurance, but if anyone knows otherwise, I’d like to know. I live in Maryland, but I’m sure in most states u dont have to get insurance for your boat.

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IN MARYLAND you do not need boat insurance, but you do have to have a boat operators license if you was born after July 1, 1972. Maryland also charges a boat tax, even on non residents if the boat is there more than 60 days

Its best to check with your state you live in, for some states like ARKANSAS requires liability insurance if the boat motor is larger than 50 hp.

Generally it is not required by law to have insurance on a boat. A lender will require it if you have a loan to purchase one. Verify with your insurance company, but when a boat is being trailer ed the auto insurance normally covers it. However as compared to other items being insured boat insurance is not very much, and if you have several policies (home and auto or multiple autos) with the same company often can be added to current policies for very little. Considering all that could go wrong on the water is not a bad idea to have.

No. It is not a legal requirement for boat owners, but the marinas have the right to turn you away if you dont have one.

There are some boats that cant be insured. For example canoes and kayaks, single handed boats, ferro cement boats, etc. Because the insurance companies wont take it and nobody can make them.

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