Do you or anyone you know have GEICO Insurance?


Do you or anyone you know have GEICO Insurance?,commercials everyday but don’t know anyone that has it,And did you save a bunch of money by switching to Geico if so?

Gold Asked on September 2, 2019 in Business & Finance.
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I *DO* have GEICO insurance….and I DID save a bunch of money….I figured that if I had a Nationwide agent who didn’t know my &^%$ name after 17 years of carrying insurance with him, and he was of no use when I had a claim, I might as well save a bundle and deal with an 800-number agent!

I made that decision after I had had service for 17 years with only one claim, and then, when I hit a deer (The deer actually crashed into my car from the side) the Nationwide agent was SUCH an @ss that I didn’t want him making one cent off of me!

When I have called in to GEICO, I have had better service than the local moron who works for Nationwide!

My mother, who lives elsewhere, had an insurance agent when I was growing up who was so kind, helpful and apparently went the way of the corner drug store! Because now, they want your money mailed in, they don’t want to see you

Gold Answered on September 2, 2019.
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