Does credit repiar companys really work?

  • Does credit repiar companys really work?
Gold Asked on August 27, 2018 in Business & Finance.
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they charge you a bunch of money to do what you can do on your own.we worked with one and now are in worse shape than we were.all we did was spend a bunch of can get your credit reports and dispute and take care of the stuff yourself.all it cost is the registered letter return receipt fees thru post office.go to get all 3 credit reports from that webaddress free of charge once a year.good luck and save the money credit repair companies cost and pay some of the bills with it instead.good luck.and if you need help or have any questions feel free to email me.its a long hard process and takes more than 30 or 60 days like these places promise.

Star Answered on August 27, 2018.
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