How can I get cheaper full coverage auto insurance?


I’m buying a new car, I will be the sole owner of the vehicle and searching for full coverage insurance has been a nightmare.. they wanna charge me 500+ per month for car insurance. I’ve checked with several different insurance companies.. my question is… can i add my car to my mom’s policy and get a cheaper rate with her listed as a driver but not the primary driver?

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    Nope, that’s not gonna work. You might get a few measly little discounts (multi-vehicle, renewal, etc) maybe, but it won’t save you a fortune. And that’s if you can even do it, because different insurers have different rules in different jurisdictions with that stuff. Where I live (insurance companies do that here), your payments would go from over $500 per month to still over $500 per month. We’re talking single digit savings here.

    Your only options are a) build a time machine and travel to age 30 or b) buy a cheaper car. I can’t help you with the first option, but cheaper vehicle usually equals cheaper insurance.

    Don’t play the name game, because it won’t work. The only way to really save money with that stuff is to totally lie to the insurance company, and that’s never a good idea. Insurance companies only ask questions they can look up the real answers to, and they always find the truth.

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