How to get insurance to total my car?


I have damage on the front of my car froma collision that was not my fault. When i was with the insurance adjuster from his insurance he told me it qas getting close to being totaled. He asked me which i would prefer to repair it or total it. I was an idiot and i said i don’t care. He directed me to a cheaper body shop, most likely an affiliate. I really want to total it now because my car is a money pit and i need a new one. I was told i can get another estimate. If i go to a different body shop and they estimate me more than what he gave me can i contact them and have them total my car?

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You would be surprised how good the work is at a cheaper body shop. It is the SAME if not better. Just in a different part of town. All workers have the same knowledge, but some shops don’t pay as high rent for the building. THAT IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE. The workers are just as good if not better.
If the car is fixable it is not totaled. That simple.
Cheap shops cannot go below a certain level of quality, otherwise the car is not safe on the road and THE SHOP IS SUED…IF AN ACCIDENT HAPPENS BECAUSE SOMETHING THAT WAS REPAIRED ON THAT VEHICLE FAILED. Yeah, no shop wants that. So there are minimum standards they CANNOT go under. IT IS JUST NOT WORTH IT.

Write off on some front end damage? BigFN Deal!
That is HARDLY TOTALED. They unbolt some pieces and bolt on new pieces and it is fixed.

“because my car is a money pit”
Every car is.
That just tells me you do not maintain your car at all.

Every girl friend you will ever have will make car costs CHEAP IN COMPARISON…for they are the deepest pits you could fall into…..
. Try the girl friend AND the car. Yeah, you will find the money. Even if that means WORKING.
We ALL DO. And a boat. And a holiday. And new shoes for her. And a diamond. And a house And a mortgage. And bills. And food. And kids.,and,and, etc.
. The car expense is piddly. You “Can’t afford a new car, so you make yours last 10 or 15 years…it is cheaper than buying a new car. I will never put in $20,000 worth of takes a LONG time to spend that amount on repairs.
If the adjuster writes off your car they give you the VALUE OF YOUR CAR If it is several year old then it has depreciated in value, meaning it is worth Less than what you paid for it so that is the Book value for your car. That is what you get.
The price on New Cars Appreciated(went up in price) so you are short of cash to buy a new vehicle. So you will Never get a “New One” so you may be buying a money pit with all that money you get. So you buy a money pit with unknown problems. and maybe they are severe…right now. That is YOUR problem. At least with your car you know how you have treated the car and know what it needs. The mystery car, you have no idea what is HIDDEN.

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