Is the mall culture a progressive phenomena or not?


Is the mall culture a progressive phenomena or not?

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    We all have different perspectives of life. What i may find good, you may not find it so. & even answering this depends on people. Even if you look at it in a progressive point, its difficult to say how much good its proving. Basically, i might find it good to have fun with frendz but yes, in all limits. When you talk about economic boom, maybe its progressive, but as far as social life is concerned, its all again upto us, bane or boon, depends upon us.

    Gold Answered on May 16, 2018.
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    Malls are here to stay, Be it Good or Bad. They always have lot of stuff, but not exactly what you are looking for. I mostly enter the mall with a list of 10 items to buy and land up with 20 items in my cart of which I have brought only 5 from the list. LOL That is economy for you.

    I am just another customer part of the sheep flock.. Where as the shop-keeper near my home knows me since child hood.

    I need a piece of Bread. Will I go to the mall ? LoL Try It and check what you have brought. Except bread, you may land up with Jam, Butter and cheese too. LOL

    And who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? You may land up with a few goodies in your pocket.

    Silver Answered on May 16, 2018.
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