Is there a way to get my credit back?


ok so I had a work comp accident and the company I worked for was paying me work comp checks, a few months into the claim they stopped paying me and didn’t fix the problem that had happened to me. So then I hired a lawyer and so for about a year they have been back and forth and I wasn’t getting any kind of compensation of any kind for about a year, as I couldn’t pay my bills I took a sever hit to my credit score. It was at 780 now it’s at 530 because they sent it to collections.

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When they stopped the payments, you should have gone back to work. If the job was filled by someone else, then you would have had to look for another job. You have to build back your credit. It won’t happen overnight. Get a job and pay off your debts. Once you have paid back what you owe and are then eligible for credit again, your credit score will improve. Slowly.

Silver Answered on May 15, 2018.
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