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      Criminal Lawyer

      Pros: Good money if you have the right clients such as celebrities and corporate defendants, or even leaders of organized crime rings. Also, crime always happenes. There will always be clients, though they won’t all necessarily be your clients.

      Con: Knowing “criminal types” is always dangerous especially rich and powerful ones (mafia bosses, etc.). If your only clients are lowlifes with no money, then this may never ever be a lucrative practice unless of course, you’re in it for social justice, i.e., to help represent the oppressed, etc.

      Family Lawyer

      Pros: Same with Criminal Lawyer. With the right connections and clients, family lawyers rake in the big bucks. Even if you don’t have good connections, there are always family squabbles going on, be it divorces, child custody battles etc. Once you establish yourself you will always have a steady flow of clients.

      Cons: Watching families destroy themselves can be painful, especially battles for child custody. Also, some embittered spouses can be furious with their ex-spouse’s lawyer and the lawyer may be in the crosshairs of that spouse. Some lawyers have been attacked by angry ex-spouses before.

      Civil Rights Lawyer

      Pros: You can be famous, if you’re good enough and with, as always, good clients. The client part, however, can just be a source of luck. Also, if you’re really passionate about civil rights, then doing the job gives you great satisfaction even if the pay is low and even if you’re not representing a plaintiff in a landmark case before the Supreme Court.

      Cons: Possibly not that lucrative, depending on your experience and connection.

      Personal Injury Pros:

      Pros: Personal Injury Lawyers make a lot of money especially when the fee arrangement with the client is on a contingent basis, meaning you will only get paid when the client is awarded money by a court or jury. Granted, there’s not always a chance the client will win but when he/she does and the award is pretty big, you could get up to 30% depending on your arrangement of course. Imagine that when the settlement or the jury award is in the millions of dollars. Also, steady flow of clients because unfortunately accidents happen all the time.

      Cons: Personal Injury Lawyers are mostly distrusted and labeled ambulance chasers. It’s hard to establish yourself in this practice unless you have good connections or just get lucky. Further, it’s always hard to take on a big corporation, unless the law really is on your side or you really have a compelling case or you’re part of big firm handling personal injury litigation.

      Note: Many other pros and cons attach to these kinds of practice. They’re just what I could think of at the moment.

      Answered by admin on June 3, 2020..