What is a certified health education teacher?

  • What is a certified health education teacher?
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Certified Health Education Specialists are professionals who design, conduct and evaluate activities that help improve the health of all people. These activities can take place in a variety of settings: schools, communities, health care facilities, businesses and colleges. Health educators are employed under a range of job titles such as patient educators, health education teachers, trainers, community organizers and health program managers. The Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) are those who have met the standards of quality established by NCHEC by successfully passing the CHES examination. The CHES designation after a health educator’s name is one indication of professional competency.

The CHES examination is competency-based. It tests those aspects of the responsibilities and competencies of entry-level health educators that can be measured with a paper and pencil examination. The examination is based on the Framework document that identifies seven different areas of responsibility. Within each area of responsibility, the basic competencies necessary for health education specialists have been delineated. These delineations serve as the basis for developing the questions on the certification examination. The CHES examination, consisting of 150 multiple choice questions, measures the possession, application and interpretation of knowledge essential to the professional practice of health education. California State University Fullerton is proud to have a high percentage of students passing the CHES exam. We also offer a workshop for those interested in taking the CHES exam.

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