what is the different between college an d community college.?

please help me im almost to go to college

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    A community college can be a 2-year or 4-year institution. Two-year community colleges are also known as junior colleges. They award something called an Associates Degree upon completion. It is obviously something short of a traditional Bachelors Degree.

    There are numerous differences between 4-year community colleges and “regular” colleges even though both award Bachelors Degrees:

    1. Community colleges are much, much cheaper.

    2. Community colleges are traditionally commuter institution. Therefore, the trappings of the typical college experience is normally lacking. E.G., they typically don’t have intercollegiate athletics, they typically don’t have a Greek life, they don’t have the type of experience which comes when a number of people live in close proximity to each other rather than at home.

    3. Traditionally, the degrees awarded by community colleges are more prestigious. After 15-20 years in the working world; that will not make a difference unless you are in a highly competitive field.

    4. If you are interested in getting any type of advanced degree – Masters, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., etc. – you do not want to go to a community college. Admission to an advanced program will be much more difficult, if not impossible.

    5. Community colleges basically have to admit anyone who applies, except for geographic requirements in some cases. That is one of the reasons that people think less of them. They are viewed as the colleges which people go to who could not get into a “regular” college.

    6. There used to be a major difference in the quality of instruction between the two. That, however, is less and less a valid distinction.

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