What is the routing number for bank of america?


What is the routing number for bank of america?

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At Bank of America you can get temporary checks when you run out at the branch. You can also get a money order or cashier’s check for $6 at the branch.

Bank of America has so many routing numbers that it is tough to tell just by the state. You can use the routing number look up tool online at http://routingtool.com to locate the number, but keep in mind bank wire routing numbers and checking routing numbers are almost always different.

If you still have your checks, the routing number is the 9 digit number surrounded by the transit symbol that looks like a vertical line followed by a colon like this:

You can call Bank of America ACH services for routing number information at 800-446-0135, or your regular routing number and bank wire number are listed in your ONLINE BANKING. To access the routing information via online banking, log in, then click “account details” from the main screen, then on the left side, you will see

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