What items do you repeatedly wear?

  • What items do you repeatedly wear?
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    It’s one thing to want to wear a certain style and another thing to actually wear it. Being practical about what you will actually wear will help you stay true to your personal style rather than getting carried away with an idealized look that isn’t comfortable or doesn’t suit your everyday life. Most of us wear the same outfit formula every week, consisting of the same five to ten items. To save yourself from buying a bunch of things that will sit in the back of your closet, think about the clothes you wear all the time. Make a list of those key pieces. Now, think of practical ways in which you can add some variety to those outfit formulas. For example, if you love comfy boyfriend tees and skinny jeans, consider trying French-inspired button-ups and boyfriend jeans.

    Star Answered on May 14, 2018.
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