which is the better student credit card?


College is a perfect time to start building a good credit score—as long as you’re responsible. Here are some of the best student credit cards for the job.

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You posted this question in another post “under credit”, which I have posted an answer. But just in case you missed this, here it is again.


If you make an effort to spend within your means and pay off your credit card bills monthly, getting a credit card will help establish your credit profile (as you have a SS number). This will come in handy if you decide to remain in the US after your studies.

There are a variety of student credit cards to choose from. Most major credit card companies have student credit cards.

Most student credit cards also charge roughly the same apr (prime rate plus 9.99% seems to be the norm) and have almost identical 0% apr teasers (6 months in the norm). Hence, I think you should choose either a cash rebate credit or a reward credit card to maximize the benefits you get from using a credit card.

The Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card for college student was mentioned earlier and that is probably the best cash rebate card around.

Citi also has an interesting reward card called the Citi MTVU Platinum Select Card. It allows you to earn reward points and use it to reduce your student loan principal. You can also earn extra reward points for simply paying your bills on time and getting good GPA scores.

Discover, Chase and Citi also offer reward student credit cards which you should investigate.

My suggestion would be to get a student credit card, use it responsibly and build a good credit history. It would be harder to get a regular credit card if you had no credit history and if you were not a student.

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