who wants the health care plan and why?

I am trying to get to base of the health care and what are some of the benefits. I have my views but like to see the other side to see how I may be wrong. I am not insulting anyone here so please explain why its such an issue about this health care plan.

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I believe we should follow a similar model to the UK or Australia. The government should provide National Health Care for each and every CITIZEN, but you have the option to buy private plans if you want them (better hospitals, better coverage, special treatment, etc.)

I am twenty, single, poor, and living alone in Ohio. I do not have health insurance.. However, if I was to go get pregnant, and have a baby, I WOULD! How is that fair? My mom is poor. She has health insurance although she doesn’t have a job. How is that fair? I work so hard, and yet I live in fear of falling ill.

Right now, in America, only the very poor with children, and the upper-middle-class and higher can afford health insurance. That is leaving a huge gap in coverage.

We need TRUE REFORM in America. I don’t know how old you are, or if you’re on your own yet, but most of us young Americans don’t have it.

ALSO!! (referring to the figure quoted above by some rude conservative):The ‘62% is against the plan’ figure does not mean 62% is against REFORM. It means they are against the CURRENT PLAN, like me! I am pro-reform, but against the current plan, which isn’t what America needs.

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